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Exhausted of waiting at red light, this man breaks traffic signal

We’ve all had moments when we get enormously irritated while waiting at a red light. Sometimes, the stay feels so extensive, one wonders if the light is out of order or if it’s broken. However, a man was so infuriated while waiting at a red light in China; he walked up to the signal and shattered it to the soil. A video circulating on social media sites shows the exact moment he attacked the light and it makes for pretty a bizarre video clip.

According to Shanghaiist, the event took place in Tianjin, China. The clip shows the man initially walking then running up to the signal at an intersection and shattering it. He then seen walking away like it is no big deal for him.

Following the occurrence, local cops took two weeks to track the man, surnamed Xin, reports South China Morning Post. The 36-year-old Xin was fined and given five days’ detention.

According to some reports, Xin was in a terrible temper and had been in conflict with a friend when the incident happened at the signal.