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The descendants of Lord Rama, surrounded by Mahabharat like controversies

Meet the descendant of Lord Shri Ram, the royal family of Jaipur. It was claimed that Rajmata Padmini Devi herself had interviewed a channel where she had told that her spouse Bhavani Singh was 309th descendant of Shri Ram’s son Kush.

About Maharaja Bhavani

The last Maharaja of Rajasthan Raj Bhavan was Sawai Man Singh II, before the end of the reign of King after India’s independence in 1947. He had three marriages. The first marriage was made to Marudhar Kanwar, the second marriage was made to Marudhar Kanwar's niece Kishore Kanwar and the third marriage was made to Gayatri Devi.

Sawai Man Singh II and his first wife were handed over the throne to the son of Goddess Sahib, who was married to Rani Padmini Devi. Maharaja Bhavani Singh and Rani Padmini Devi had only daughter Dia Singh.

The disputes

Maharaja Bhavani and of Padmini Devi’s daughter Dia, married to Narendra Singh. Narendra Singh is not from Raj Bharna but a worker of Jaipur Raj Bharna. For the reason, the people of the clan opposed the marriage. Not only that, due to not have of a son, Maharaja Bhavani Singh chose Padma Nath Singh, son of Diya, as his successor. There was also resistance to this matter.

After the demise of Gayatri Devi, the third wife of Sawai Man Singh II, the royal house has been roofed in disputes over property. Two years ago, the Jaipur civic body had sealed the gates of the Hotel Rajmahal Palace, in opposition to which Rajmata Gayatri Devi herself came down on the road with her grandson King Padmanabh Singh.

Dia Singh, who is a BJP legislator from Sawai Madhopur and her son King Sawai Padmanabha Singh of Jaipur are also very good Polo players. They can often be seen in the parties of the royal families. Diya has a daughter Rajkumari Gauravi Kumari and younger son Lakshraj Prakash Singh.