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This village of India is home to around 350 sets of twins

This single village in India is known to have the highest number of twins in the world. The small village of Kodinhi, Kerala in southern India had reported the attendance of around 300-350 twins within the limitations of the same village - a observable fact which has puzzled both doctors and scientists around the world.

Not only India but a tiny Island in the Philippines is also home to around 100 sets of twins. According to local legend, the bizarre occurrence of twinning happened on the island generations ago.

Now there are 78 pairs of non-identical twins and 22 pairs of identical twins – including one pair of conjoined twins seen in the island.

Many of siblings in the island continue to wear indistinguishable outfits even after they enter into maturity, making it really unfeasible for interlopers to distinguish one from the other.

Scientists and doctors alike have been puzzled as to why so many twins are born on this island of Philippines. Although there is no government data on the fact, a 2015 report conducted by the state, documented the delivery of 12 twins in the single year in this island.

With the rate of twins growing, local doctors and the scientists are now busy finding the medical cause that, they say, would prove to be beneficial for unproductive couples.

Doctors have ruled out the hereditary reason as to why this keep happening in these areas, they believe that the atmosphere has more to do with it.

Antononia, a local who got married at her early age of 19, elucidate how her partner differentiated between her and her twin sister.

She said, “In the initial days of my marriage, my husband would often mistake my sister for myself. There have been some awkward incidents when my husband ardent offers to my sister thinking that it was me. I had to then show him the mole on my nose, while my sister doesn’t have it. That solved the problem once and for all.”