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Embarrassing Fashion Trends We Wish Would Disappear From The Nation

India has been through some pretty appealing fashion fads in recent years. While some will stand the test of time, some need to be demoted to the past where they belong. Here are a few of the fashion developments that youths would rather not have see the light of day another time.

saggy pants

Saggy Pants

Guys, it’s time to drag your pants up. This fashion hung around for far too stretched, making boys who thought we cared about seeing their Jockey up their pants in India. However, the law itself has taken steps to ensure this trend withdraws. In New Jersey, fines of up to $1K can be applied to repeat offenders, which swiftly zeroed the fashion across the globe so that in India.


Crackows Shoes 

These old style shoes were considered quite the standing symbol in their time, even though they were so unrealistic that laws were made-up to say how long they could be. Along with chamber pots and the plague, these are most likely among the things best left in the middle ages. Although Indians adopted the idealistic style, within some days it vanished from the fashion trend.



Another trend from the ’80s of foreign countries, leggings were an enormous slimming item of clothing — when worn underneath a skirt or kurti. However, since then they’ve become an alternative for pants, leaving underwear completely on view through the translucent material. 


These saggy pants were notably worn by MC Hammer and have since proved popular among young girls most likely to be found waiting in line at Starbucks. The sufi design was somehow popular in India but fades with the new trends.


Hoop sarongs

Worn by women in the 1800s, these sarongs made to look them like they had small waists and big buttocks. The design made it almost impossible for girls to sit down or walk through doorways. Although the trend couldn’t pinch Indians, the British living in India used to wear the hoops.