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This Is What Happened When A Woman Cop Who Fell In Love With A Gangster

Falling in love is not a crime, Even if you are in love with a guy who is not earning is also not bad at all. It’s also true as love is blind. Even boys are in love with boys and girls are in with girls. We had seen many movies regarding different kind of love stories. But read this love story between a cop and a gangster which is not a fiction but a true story of our country.  

Priti Kumari, who is a constable at Bhagalpur police station in Bihar, had a beautiful and strange love story straight out of a movie. In 2017, when Priti was posted at the Sitamarthi woman police station, she fell in love with Mithu Sah in a first sight. Mithu, is listed as one of the ‘most-wanted’ gangsters in that district for police for many years.

The duo, according to a report in local news paper, used to meet furtively outside the Sitamarhi police lines where Priti was living. Apparently, Priti was mesmerised by the lifestyle of Mithu.

Priti and Mithu reportedly even got married at a temple outside the district. However, things didn't quite end well for the lady constable.

Soon Hari Prasath, the superintendent of police (SP) at the same police station Sitamarhi, came to know about the event. He immediately ordered a probe.

During the way of investigation, it was found that Priti supplied secret information related to the department to her wanted criminal husband, reports a news channel.

The inquiry report also accused her of ruining the image of the department, she working. She was asked for explanation. When Priti failed to give a reply that would persuade her seniors, the police department decided to sack her from service.

“By marrying a person with criminal antecedents, she had given the department a bad name," Sitamarhi SP, Hari Prasath said.