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This Airline Fined Rs. 1,24,400 For Making Air Hostesses Wear Lingerie To Welcome a Sports Team

Cricket in India is the nation’s most accepted sport by far. It is played almost everywhere in the nation. Everybody must remembered the way Indians welcomed the India’s win over 2011 Cricket world cup.

Cricket is for India what football is for many countries of the world. While Indians take it to the streets, malls and public places with procession, the world has its own ways of celebrating the victory of football matches of their country.

But, Vietnam took the celebrations a bit too far in what looks like a deceitful attempt at being artistic and not recalled to follow discretion of the country.

A Vietnamese budget airline of VietAir had an in-flight style show with bikini-clad flight attendants. These attendants greeted home national football team that didn’t even win their game. As one can evidently see in the video, lady attendants were seen walking down the aisle, back and fro in a bikini and posing in front of the flyers.

The manager of the airline has however apologised for the move, but VietJet airline is infamous for having its attendants march in bikinis, basically to pull more customers, which is why the regret looks like a deceptive. The national football team of Vietnam was returning from the Asian tournament in China, at which they lost badly to the football team from Uzbekistan.

A tourist who was on the same flight said, “Most of the players on the flight are feeling awkward and a little out of place as they did not know how to react seeing the bikini clad flight attendants. Also some tourists in the flight started recording the activities of the attendants in the flight.”

When the videos and pictures from the flight went viral, a lot of Vietnamese expressed anger and disappointment over the act of the airline.