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This Village Will Now Penalise Girls Who Use Mobile Phones On The Road

The Panchayat of Mathura’s Madora village in Uttar Pradesh recently structured the imposition of a heavy penalty on anyone who indulges in cow slaughter and also on girls who use mobile phones while walking on the roads of the village.

The judgment was taken by former village chief, Mohammed Gaffar, who decided that the Muslim community will support Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in his campaign against cow slaughter in the state.

However, anyone found indulge in cow slaughtering or cow theft would have to shell out Rs. 2 lakh, while those found selling liquor would have to cough up Rs. 1.11 lakh.

While, the Panchayat members also decided to impose Rs. 21,000 on girls who will be seen talking on mobile phones while walking on the roads of the village, in order to trim down the rate of crime against women and encourages elopement.

The quantum of sentence apart from the penalty would be decided by the entire Panchayat in a meeting in the presence of all the populace of the village.