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These are the reasons why some people mark ghosts

A surprising number of people consider in ghosts. A survey by Chapman University found that 52 percent of world populace believes places can be haunted by spirits. But there may be a more scientific root to things that go bump in the night than a restless afterlife.

Here are some logical clarifications why some people spot ghosts.

For decades, a neuroscientist named Michael Persinger of Canada has been learning the effects of electromagnetic fields on people’s sensitivities of ghosts, hypothesizing that pulsed magnetic fields, hardly noticeable on a mindful level, can make people feel as if there is a “presence” in the area with them by causing unusual movement patterns in the brain’s temporal lobes.

Infrasound is sound at levels so low people can’t hear it (though other animals can). Low frequency vibrations can cause distinct physiological uneasiness. Scientists studying the effects of wind turbines and traffic noise near residences have found that low-frequency noise can cause disorientation, feelings of fright, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and other effects that could easily be associated with being visited by a spirit.

Shane Rogers of Clarkson University, an engineering professor has spent the past few months on tour apparently haunted locations looking for not-so-paranormal activity: mold growth. Initial research indicates that some molds can root symptoms that sound pretty ghostly—like unreasonable fear and dementia.

The family, who lived in this haunted house, began experiencing weird phenomena when they moved into an old house—hearing furniture moving around and weird voices in the night, feeling the presence of invisible spirits. They state being held down in bed by ghosts, feeling weak. As it turned out, a faulty furnace was filling their residence with carbon monoxide, causing acoustic and visual phantasm. The furnace was set, and the family went back to their residence, sans ghosts.

French explains, “There is a motivational side to idea in ghosts”. “We all want to consider in life after death.

The idea of our mortality is one we are not generally contented with.” verification bias holds powerful sway over our discernments. “We find it much easier to believe proof for something we want to believe anyway,” he added.