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Rajasthan HC Judge: 'Gomutra' Stops People From Ageing, Cow Dung Wards Off Radioactivity, And many more

Rajasthan High Court judge encouraged a hornet’s nest when he recommended that the cow should be made the national animal and slaughter of a cow should warrant a death penalty.

“It is the voice of my inner soul. Law has stemmed from religion and not vice-versa,” said, Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma to a news channel.

When asked about the justification behind announcing cow slaughter a heinous crime, he replied, “There cannot be a more heinous crime than this. Cow is like mother. She saves people from many diseases.”

Not only did the judgment grounds a debate, but Justice Sharma’s "heartfelt" announcement as to the benefits of cow dung and cow urine listed in the official judgment dated 31 May 2017, and uploaded on Rajasthan High Court’s official website, added a whole lot of hilarity to the topic.

Here are a few other announcements:

  • 33 crore gods and goddesses reside inside the cow and that's why a cow is considered 'vishva mata' (world's mother).
  • The cow appeared on the earth along with goddess Lakshmi during the churning of ocean in Hindu mythology.
  • Cow is the only animal which inhales as well as exhales oxygen.
  • The cow's body is a hospital in itself.
  • A German scientist has found out that cow has "cosmic energy" between its horns.

He then went on to list the benefits of cow dung and cow urine:

  • 'Gomutra' (cow's urine) can get rid of any bad bacteria as well as diseases.
  • Cow urine, when consumed by humans, cleans our liver and improves immunity.
  • It is filled with nutrients.
  • It stops people from ageing.
  • It is good for the heart as well as the brain.
  • The river Ganga resides in cow urine, and thus it has the power to absolve one of all sins.
  • Cow's milk is equivalent to 'amrit' (potion that makes one immortal)

A scientist from Russian has found out that if cow dung is slathered all over the home, it can protect a person from radioactive waves. Cow dung can help with the waste management in big cities.

In fact, Justice Sharma also said, “The peacock is a "bramhachari" (virgin). He added that peacocks and peahens don't have sex, and that peahens get pregnant by drinking the tears of the peacocks.