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Key inputs for the aspirants to win the battle of nerves on the campus

Every student aspires to get a job through campus placement. Though the number of companies come for campus recruitment is negligible in comparison to the number of aspiring students, being one among the candidates picked by a company is not a difficult task for a deserving candidate. You need to be a little cautious to be worthy of the job because if you do not get a good job through campus placement, you are out there in the big wild world without the knowledge of how to approach or secure the job of your choice. 

Take a cue from the following tips to grab the opportunity:
Build your resume: A resume is not built on paper, but by the work you do over a period of time. If you like a certain subject, show your love for it by doing related works. If you love programming, continue to code. Contribute to open source projects. These are tangible items which build your resume that you can share with your interviewers to showcase your passion for a certain field. 

Study the hiring process: To get recruited, you need to go past certain filters. For this, you have to understand the hiring process and know each elimination round.  You need to clear every elimination round before you get a chance to be interviewed by the hiring company. The companies hire in bulk use aptitude test and technical tests to filter candidates. These tests are generally followed by group discussions to understand your command over language and knowledge in the given subject and your social and leadership qualities. Personal interview is the last one in the ladder. 

Know your passion: Find your passion first. If you are passionate enough about a particular subject, you can do anything to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise. Go beyond the classroom training and books recommended by the college authorities. Google the subject of your interest and find the best available content. Devote time to experiment with it for a better understanding. Your expertise on a particular subject will be visible in every conversation and every interaction that you have. 

Be genuine: Choose an organisation, whose area and style of working matches your passion. It is clever to opt for smaller organisations if you want to grow fast. Large companies may not be able to cope with your speed of growth. It is foolish trying to fit yourself to any kind of organisation just because you are in need of a job. Your first job has a huge impact on your career.

Leave no stone unturned to beat it: Take all possible measures to make it a success. Make sure you do not get filtered in the written test which is generally the elimination test. Else, you will never get an opportunity to showcase your talent. Prepare as much as you can and measure your preparation against others. Put yourself in a surrounding which will help you prepare your best for the ultimate test that will be taken by the company. 

Apart from the above mentioned points, here are some traits, which are essential to land you in the job of your choice during campus placement.

Ability to take ownership
Taking ownership for one's work or responsibilities can greatly influence an employer. Completing a task to the best of one's ability and effort, and taking responsibility for the same demonstrates ambition and higher degree of competence in an employee.

'Never say never' attitude
A prospective employee shouldn't limit himself to just his designation and responsibilities. Employers seek self-motivated candidates who are competent enough to take risks and challenge their creativity and dynamism by undertaking projects outside their comfort zone.

Quick learning
The most important factor that is taken into account by an organisation's human resources team is a prospective employee's capability for quick learning. Quick learners usually have precedence over their competition owing to their ability to learn swiftly and developing expertise in various aspects of the job profile. This quality often provides an individual to boost their efficiency and minimise the duration of training involved, which an organisation may have provisioned for them.

Sincerity and hard work
A candidate should be absolutely honest towards his work to acquire greater benefits. Being resolute helps him in eventually reaping the fruits of his labour, garnering appreciation for his work and earning respect for his work ethics.

Team spirit
Being an integral part of a team is crucial in furthering both personal and professional growth of an employee. Exchanging inputs with co-workers on any project can improve communication and understanding between each other, which in turn, creates a positive impact on everyone involved.

Communication skills
Possessing good communication skill is not only vital, it is an added advantage for job seekers. Every employer seeks candidates with good communication skill not only to build a rapport with outsiders, but within employees of the organisation. Being able to communicate in a way that is comprehensible is extremely crucial since it has the potential to scale in business pursuits.

Problem solving skills 
Employers love to recruit candidates having ability to devise innovative solutions for any kind of barriers or administrative issues. Effective management of difficult situations can facilitate efficiency at the workplace and in the process, restore the organisation's faith and dependability on such employees.

Credibility & integrity
Employers seek candidates with strong principles who are honest about themselves and their work. They seek employees whom they can trust and who can accomplish tasks without compromising the company's standards.

Pleasing personality
Having a pleasing personality and friendly nature can help an individual gain trust and improve his communication with their co-workers and colleagues. This likability factor is one of the priorities the employers look for in a candidate.

Ability to multitask
Multi-tasking ability not only boosts the output of a candidate, it is an indicator of his creative traits and dynamism and thus they are considered as assets of an organisation. They are first priority of employers when it comes to recruitment.