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Career in hair styling may the right option for you

The profession of hair cutting or hair dressing has been considered as a casual affair for ages. Visit to a nearby barber who makes use of a pair of scissors and a comb to give a new look to the tresses has become a thing of past. With the fashion-conscious generation, the word hairstyling has been redefined. Modern hairstyling is a well thought out process – it is more of a scientific approach which demands a lot of creativity and imagination. The process of hairstyling now makes use of products ranging from simple combs to advanced electrical gadgets. 

A course in hairstyling is a hit among youths who are looking for an offbeat career.

Career prospects
The Indian hairstyling industry offers dozens of career opportunities for aspirants entering into this field. One can find employment in a salon, beauty parlour, cosmetics manufacturing company, health club or in television and film industry.

A graduate with a formal training can join the industry as a beauty consultant. He has also the option of being an in-house employee for fashion houses, magazines and photo shoots.

Self-employment: The best option for a dynamic youth is he should start his own business after gaining reasonable experience. You can write your own success story if you market yourself properly and offer latest services and trends in hairstyling. Sky is the limit for a dedicated entrepreneur. 

Salary: As a fresher, you can get a monthly salary between Rs 5,000 and 7,000. A fresher trained with an international brand can fetch Rs. 20,000 per month. The higher the experience, the higher is the salary.

Eligibility: There is no specific eligibility criteria required to enter this field. It requires not only professional expertise but also a great deal of practical training to gain expertise in this offbeat career. The basic qualification needed for hairdressing are good communication and negotiation skills, backed by training under a renowned salon. There are several training schools for beauty and hair care courses. Most of them prefer a 10+2 or at least a Class-10 level qualification.

Advantages: Hair styling can be one of the most rewarding and amazing careers that can provide flexibility and the ability to have control over your income. What you get out of it depends on what you put in. 

Flexibility: Careers in salon industry allow you to work according to your lifestyle. There are several different ways in which hair dressers make an income within a salon. He/she can work on commission basis, hourly and booth rental basis. You will have options to choose a method that suits you.Control over income: Once you become an established stylist with a good clientele, it is possible to give yourself a raise at any time.
You can work more hours to see more clients, increase your prices, selling more products, or promoting yourself to gain more clients. Working in a tipping salon offers you the opportunity to come home every day with cash in your wallet.

Creative freedom: The beauty industry embraces individuality both in lifestyle and appearance. Unlike in the corporate sector, salons embrace your uniqueness. Also you will find like-minded creative persons to get a warm professional atmosphere.

Myriad job options: If you ever feel it is not the right choice for you to work behind the chairs, options are there to shift to other avenues in the related sector. You may become a business owner, salon manager, brand manager, educator for a product line, work in editorial/fashion, teach in a cosmetology school and much more.
Job satisfaction: At the end of the day, you will certainly leave your workplace with the feeling that you really did good for others. It is very satisfying to make people look more beautiful. They also encourage people to feel good about themselves inside.

Personality traits:
An aspiring hair stylist must be passionate, patient, self-motivated and humble. You should keep your senses open to receive the skills from others who are experts in the art. You should never ever stop learning. It is a dynamic field and every day is the day to hone your skills.
Devoting time and hard work is not a daunting task if you are truly passionate about the job. 

Limitations: Despite being the most promising and satisfying career option, this field has its own limitations. 
It takes time to be successful: It generally takes about 3-5 years to build a good clientele and bring in a steady income. If for some reasons you have to relocate from the place, where you have been in the business for many years, you must start it all over again.
It may be an unorganised sector: Even though some high end salons offer benefits such as healthcare and paid leaves, most of the salons do not.

Physically taxing: Being on your feet all day can lead to foot, leg and back problems. 

Hair styling institutes
•    Shahnaz Hussain's Woman's World International, New Delhi
•    Javed Habib's Hair Academy, Andheri (W), Mumbai
•    Eves Beauty and Hair Academy, New Delhi
•    Smiles, Andheri (West), Mumbai
•    Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi 
•    Akbar Peerbhoy Girl's Polytechnic, Mumbai
•    International Polytechnic for Women, Chandigarh
•    Schnell Hans Beauty School, Colaba, Mumbai
•    VLCC Academy of Beauty & Hair, New Delhi
•    Blunt Academy, Bandra, West Mumbai