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Why The Time of Birth Is Important in Astrology

Since prehistoric times, astrologers have believed that the time of birth of every local is based on his past ‘karmas’. And so, Astrology uses the time, date, place of birth and the year in which the native is born, while making the chart of predictions.

Predictions made by Vedic astrology are considered to be highly genuine as they are also based on permanent zodiacs, ‘Nakshatras’, ‘Dasha’ and Divisional Charts.

The positions of the celestials at the time of birth are believed to affect every occasion that is likely to unfold in a native’s life. Since the Celestial bodies are constantly moving, it can sometimes be very hard to know the exact birth time of an individual. The Ascendant, on an average, shifts about one degree every four minutes. Thus, every minute counts for the prediction. This is why knowing your accurate birth time is important since each degree impacts your character and hence, the accuracy of your reading. So, your birth time is important to determine the positions of Ascendant, Sun, Moon and the planets to get an accurate reading.

Not only astrologers, but many professional psychologists too, agree to the fact that most twins born with even a small time difference have major differences in their persona and traits. This is why the time of birth of a newborn is considered to be of vital importance to make accurate computations and predictions. The common agreement among the majority of astrologers is that predictions cannot be made without the new born’s time of birth, maybe not till the exact minute, but at least till approximate five-ten minutes.

While Indian vedic astrologers make predictions based on the movement of Moon, Western astrologers consider the movement and location of the Sun. The Sun moves from one house to other every two hours.