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miscellinous cartoon

The government of this country has subsidised prostitution for disabled

While prostitution is considered a taboo and offense in many countries, the government of Netherland has subsidized the business. The Netherland is boosting both domestic sex economy and the intimate activities. Sexual activities are increasingly characterised as a right everyone should be able to take pleasure in.

Amusingly, Netherland government is also paying for the disabled persons to have sex with call girls.

This process has started in Netherlands since 2002. The government takes care of everyone who are involved in prostitution trade and pays for their treatment. The decision to boost sex economy and the intimate activities was initially taken to stop rapes and murders. However, sex also helps in promoting a right and addressing health issues.

Another crisis is protection. Sometimes, disabled citizens would be at risk of abuse, while many disabled women fear abuse from male sex workers and would not fully trust them.

Keeping all the above issues in mind, the Netherland government made the law for sex. This also helps the disabled people to enjoy sex and live a normal life like normal people are living.