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Akshay Kumar’s character in 2.0 is inspired from this real-life ‘birdman of India’

If you have witnessed the most popular science-fiction of the year 2.0, then you must know that Akshay Kumar's character of Pakshi Rajan in 2.0 received a lot of attention. Although the overall personality is a fictional one, it has apparently been inspired from real life ‘birdman of India’ Salim Ali.

Akki plays a negative role in the movie 2.0, but before turning evil, his character of Pakshi Rajan has been shown having a very pure heart that has huge love for birds around the globe. As a matter of fact, Pakshi Rajan turns bad character in the movie because of people being insensible towards bird deaths due to human-created mobile radiation towers.

While Akki's character is overall shown as an evil one, one part of the popular movie 2.0 shows a humanitarian side of Pakshi Rajan aka Akshay Kumar that matches very well with that of a renowned late Salim Ali, an ornithologist.

Salim Ali, who died at the age of 90 in 1987, was known for his love and care for birds around the nation. Referred to as ‘birdman of India’, Ali was one of the first Indians to conduct systematic surveys on birds across India. Many bird species and bird sanctuaries have also been named after him.

Having a number of books to his credit, Salim Ali was honored with Padma Bhushan in 1958 and Padma Vibhishan in 1976.

Not just Pakshi Rajan’s affection and concern for the welfare of bird’s matches with that of Ali, the former's look in the film also resembles the late ornithologist’s appearance. The white hair and beard to black-framed specs that Akki's personality sports in the movie 2.0, almost matches with that of Salim Ali's real-life appearance.

Although there has not been any official statement that the character has been inspired by Ali, many do believe the real-life ornithologist is the man behind the thought of Pakshi Rajan in the movie.