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miscellinous cartoon

This restaurant is serving ‘girl’s hair-flavoured’ fried chicken

When many of us still search for garlic chicken in restaurants, a restaurant in Japan, which is popular for selling fried chicken is offering customers “girl’s hair” chicken, designed to evoke the scent and taste of girl’s hair.

Fast food chain Tenka Torimasu in Japan unveiled the latest addition to its line of sauces, which typically include more familiar flavours such as wasabi mayonnaise and sweet chilli, earlier this month, a English-language Japanese news site reports.

Girl’s hair chicken which is far from the first eye-catching stunt staged by the restaurant, has previously offered “girl’s feet” and “girl’s sweat” chicken to it’s customers.

So how does a “girl’s hair chicken taste?

While the name might not exactly get your taste buds salivating, the dish itself is more like “an artistic interpretation of girl’s hair through the medium of fried chicken toppings”, reports the Japanese news site.

Girl’s hair chicken turns out to be fried nuggets draped with nori seaweed and accompanied by a soy sauce and seaweed dip. Weirdness aside, the important question is: how does it actually taste? “Embarrassingly delicious,” says the English news site of Japan.

But in case you’re feeling like it’s all getting disappointingly normal, “it also came with two honoring packs of tissues, one honoring this current flavor and the other a poignant look back to when they sold girl’s foot flavor”.

All three promotions have been carried out in partnership with Kamen Joshi, a girl group who perform in hockey masks.

In January this year, the chain offered “girl’s feet” sauce based on a pungent fermented soy bean paste called natto.

Meanwhile, “girl’s sweat” sauce, unveiled in August last year, used a salt, lemon juice, and cheese to evoke “the ‘refreshing’ sweat excreted by young girls working hard to become successful idol singers”, another English news site of Japan reported at the time.

Vice’s Justin Caffier was not impressed with the result, writing that the sauce “tiptoed right up to the line of nauseating the customer without sending them into an ipecac fit”.