This company won’t promote his staffs who buy iPhones

Many of us are crazy to buy an iPohne just because it became a status symbol for many. There is news when people sold their kidney to buy this phone. But there is a company which will not appraise its staff if he or she buy iPhone. It seems Apple will have a bad Christmas experience this year.

China seems to have kept most of its ire over the arrest of the CFO of Chinese telecom giant Huawei for Canada—but at least one US company is facing some pressure.

In the wake of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou this December 1 at the request of the US on suspicion of violating sanctions on Iran, some companies declared, they would favor Huawei devices over competitor Apple, and offer employees money to do the same, according to a Yahoo report.

Huawei, apart from being the world’s biggest provider of telecom equipment, overtook the US Company in smartphone sales in August.

A Zhejiang-based technology company apparently took the matter a step further, according to a report from local newspaper Qianjiang Evening News today. The newspaper get hold of an internal notice titled “An announcement about resisting Apple and supporting Huawei,” in which the company asked it’s staff purchasing Apple products will lose chances of promotion and company subsidies. The company said it would pay back managerial staff who purchase a Huawei phone 50% of the product’s sticker price, and will pay 20% of the phone price for other employees. The company will also give those who agree to give up their existing Apple phones a 25% reimbursement to purchase a Huawei phone.

Although the newspaper didn’t disclose the company’s name, said the firm confirmed it had issued the notice a week after the arrest of Huawei CFO.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a query about the measures companies are taking to deter iPhone purchases.

Apart from company incentives for Huawei use, tourism spots in China are offering patriotic promotions for customers using Huawei and other domestic phone brands.