Woman beaten thrice by TT, as she had not taken train ticket

In an awful incidence, a young woman was beaten thrice in Sonipat railway station, just because she had not purchased ticket to travel in the train. She was tortured seriously on the platform as she did not take the ticket.

While checking the tickets of the passengers, the women TT found the girl was travelling without ticket, immediately she asked for the fine for which the girl was unable to pay.  But all of a sudden the women TT rose with anger and started beating the youth on the platform itself along with another women cop presented at the platform.

Not only they beat the girl but also the two officials and dragged her to the police station, where she was beaten and fined.

During the incident some unnamed passengers shoot the video and uploaded on social media sites and within no time the video became viral.

After the video of the incident gone viral on social media sites, the police department has been defending itself. However, in viral videos, the girl was seen lashing out too much.

The girl was landed on platform number one as she was caught travelling without ticket. Meanwhile the Lady TT called a lady policeman from the nearest RPF police station. There was a debate between the three for a while. After this the girl was dragged to the police station. After she was fined she was released from the police station.

Till the report filed, there is no case filed either against the lady TT or the girl who was beaten.